Today’s dynamic offshore business climate demands that energy firms maximize asset utilization, protect workforce resources, and meet stringent zero discharge regulations. They need suppliers that have achieved a track record of superior performance.

Safe Containment

The Integris Safe Containment Work Platform is an ingenious structure designed to both protect workers and to reduce the carbon footprint of operations.

During well work or reeled tubing and wireline operations, the platform utilizes a catch basin to contain

Cargo Baskets

We have the largest variety of Cargo Baskets to suit your needs.

GPS Tracking

The company’s most recent innovation places GPS positioning devices on all Integris Cargo Carrying Units. Integris provides clients with a secure, password-protected site to allow them to track and locate their equipment anywhere in the world. The system generates a number of reports including Real-Time

Safe Containment Video

Watch our demo video and see how our Safe Containment System can work for you.

Safe Containment Video Image