Pipeline Pig Transports

Used for transport, cleaning, storage and repair with no tools required. These dual side-by-side units have
built-in fork slots for easy mobilization, as well as a complete sling system for offshore and dock use.
Engineered; patent pending.

Traditionally, pigs were shipped on pallets or simply placed on the ground where damage would
surely occur. Integris Rentals’ simple rack system is a safer solution for pipeline companies, minimizing damage to these very expensive items.

Pig Transport

Pig  Transport Side

In-Line Pig Transport



Side-by-Side Pig Transport

Dual Side-by-Side


Pig Transport Storage Rack

Storage Rack


• Transport
• Cleaning
• Storage
• Repair
• Simple
• Safe
• No Tools Required
• Minimize Damage
• Built-In Fork Slots
• Certified Slings
• GPS Affixed to Units