Safe Containment Platform and
Reeled Tubing Components

The Integris Safe Containment Work Platform is an ingenious structure designed to both protect workers and to reduce the carbon footprint of operations. Available in 8' x 10', 8' x 12', and 6' x 6'.

During well work or reeled tubing and wireline operations, the platform utilizes a catch basin to contain any spilled contaminants. It’s equipped with lighting and a fail-safe fall protection system. By providing a stable, self-contained platform, work is performed safely and more efficiently.

We also carry a Squirrel Cage Ladder System, as well as Spools and Flanges

Safe Containment Platform

Safe Containment Offshore

• 4 Safety Lanyard Points
• Locking Entrance Door
• Solid Splash Guard Walls
• Stabilizer Points
• Built-In 3 1/16” Double Studded Adapter 15M
• Built-In 2” Cam Lock Drain with 25’ of 2” Hose
• 4-Point Adjustable Safety Davit with 65’ of Fall Protection
• Solid Platform Flooring with Built-In Liquid Subsurface Pan for Spill Prevention
• 5-1/8th, 15M Double Studded Adapter (Built In)
• Non-Skid Flooring-Ready